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Plan the Perfect Picnic to Celebrate Spring

Beautiful Christmas Hampers

Established in 2004, Bockers & Pony create beautiful hampers! The festive season is well and truly upon us and the pressure to organise gifts for the special people in your life is most likely looming. Let us help you with your gift giving this year. Avoid the monoliths and shop from the comfort of your desk or sofa!

Same Day Hamper Delivery Now Available in Sydney

In very exciting news, we have set up a new Bockers & Pony warehouse in Sydney. Based in Banksmeadow, a suburb close to the airport, you can now choose to have your gift delivered on the same day in Sydney when ordering online. This is a significant opportunity for our business and means that we can deliver hampers on the same business day in both Melbourne from our HQ and now in Sydney.

Give Mum the Gift of Sleep this Mother's Day

Give Mum the Gift of Sleep this Mother’s Day!

Let’s face it, not everyone gets a full 8 hours of beauty sleep every night. A perfect night’s sleep is such a luxury. This year at Bockers & Pony, we have created a Mother’s Day Hamper that will completely transform your wife or lovely Mum from ‘sleep deprived’ to ‘sleeping beauty’.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase with a silk eye mask is a truly luxurious experience. We have a hamper that could possibly be the best Mother’s Day surprise ever! I am in love with my matching charcoal, 100% mulberry silk pillowcase and eye mask from The Goodnight Company.

Same Day Delivery of Hampers

A lesson in Never Compromising your Values.

We understand the power of same day delivery. Established in 2004 we have been delivering our gifts and hampers on the same business day in Melbourne reliably and effectively for 12 years.

For the last 7 months we have been delivering a small range of our hampers on the same business day in Sydney. We lovingly pre-packed our hampers and sent them to a logistics company to execute the same day deliveries in Sydney. We only had 20 hampers available out of our range of 250 hampers. A very small selection of our best sellers.

Don't Break My Heart! Our Valentine's Day Do's and Don'ts

Today we bring you some timely and sound advice when it comes to Valentine’s Day.  At Bockers & Pony, we are people pleasers and dopamine dealers, so it only makes sense to share a few of our Do’s and Dont’s this Valentine’s Day… while we still have time.

One wrong move can have your lover cringing. So follow these simple pieces of advice for a successful day of love! You can thank us later.

Hide your Valentine's Day gift hamper under your bed

Valentine’s Day 2016 is on Sunday the 14th of February. The surprise gift hamper delivery to the workplace on Sunday might be out of the question, but if you believe that love is not defined by a date, you can have your hamper delivered on Friday the 12th February or Monday the 15th February. We just think that there is something really sweet about being prepared and surprising your lover on Valentine’s Day. Imagine if you pulled out your surprise gift on Sunday morning from under your bed! What a great idea!

Choosing the right wine glass this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, I’m sure everyone’s super busy preparing for the chaotic December gift buying rush. The holiday season is all about good food, fine wine and champagne. When it’s the holidays, we think of delicious food + wine pairings and let’s be frank, champagne’s always a necessity. If there weren’t any champagne, what would we toast with on New Years? 

Found: The most versatile gift for Her this Christmas

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for the women in your life can be an overwhelming task. Whether it’s something for your other half, mother, grandmother or sister, they each have their own individualistic personalities and interests. Buying the perfect gift for the lady in your life can be tricky, however if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that they all deserve some well-earned time to pamper and relax.


I liken the creation of a Christmas hamper range to being an art curator. This is a creative talent that I have long enjoyed using. Working with a pool of chosen products, establishing hampers at the popular price points, taking on board and implementing all the things you have told us about what you want to see in our range, making sure that the colour theme is visually pleasant and suitable for the targeted recipient and also making sure that the hamper looks like great value for the price.

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