> Don't Break My Heart! Our Valentine's Day Do's and Don'ts

Don't Break My Heart! Our Valentine's Day Do's and Don'ts

Don't Break My Heart! Our Valentine's Day Do's and Don'ts

Today we bring you some timely and sound advice when it comes to Valentine’s Day.  At Bockers & Pony, we are people pleasers and dopamine dealers, so it only makes sense to share a few of our Do’s and Dont’s this Valentine’s Day… while there's still time!

One wrong move can have your lover cringing. So follow these simple pieces of advice for a successful day of love! You can thank us later.

DO: Plan something special

Whether it’s a dinner reservation, a night at the movies, a romantic picnic at a secret location or a lazy day in bed, just make sure you have a plan. Being spontaneous on Valentine’s Day is ‘not impressing me much’.

DO: Make sure you look and smell amazing

As big fans of hygiene, go the extra mile with the finer touches of your personal presentation. I am thinking skin, hair, teeth, under garments, clothing and shoes. The whole package. Capiche?

DO: Power down and be in the moment

No texting people. No phones at the dinner table. Turn your phone off and enjoy the company of your lover. Ask questions and look lovingly into each other’s eyes. You might not even miss your phone.

DO: Try something new Tiger

Let your imagination run wild. Candles on, lights out. Handwritten love letters are the best and some thoughtful and really kind appreciative words might really surprise you.

DON’T: No heart shaped jewellery. I repeat NO heart shaped jewellery.

It’s cliché and high on the cringe-o-meter. She WILL have to pretend to like this and this is not an ideal situation. You have been warned!

DON’T: Profess your love on Social media

Not cool! Keep your loving moments to yourselves. Public displays of affection are sweet, acceptable and lovely to witness; just don’t talk it up online please people. It’s not fair to others.

DO: Have an Amazing Gift under your bed. Ready to go!

Whether it is Dom Perignon, the most exquisite delivery of roses, superb chocolates, bedtime attire, candles, pampering products or gourmet delights. Buy and organise a gift that you know they will love. Put some thought into your purchase and be prepared.

The big statement gifts aren’t always the most memorable. On the flip side, a hand written note, a flower from the garden and doing something really well can be equally romantic.

Have a loving day on Sunday 14th February. If you are after a last minute gift delivery on Friday the 12th February, please browse our extra-ordinary range of gift hampers online or call us on 1300 132 663 if desperation is setting in.


Leonie Henzell

Founder & Managing Director

Bockers & Pony

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