A lesson in Never Compromising your Values.

We understand the power of same day delivery. Established in 2004 we have been delivering our gifts and hampers on the same business day in Melbourne reliably and effectively for 12 years.

For the last 7 months we have been delivering a small range of our hampers on the same business day in Sydney. We lovingly pre-packed our hampers and sent them to a logistics company to execute the same day deliveries in Sydney. We only had 20 hampers available out of our range of 250 hampers. A very small selection of our best sellers.

We tried an entrepreneurial test, focussing on a ‘just do it’ philosophy to test the opportunity. Many learnings have come from this exercise. Here are the take home messages:

1. Customers are not going to take the time to read the fine print or the delivery instructions on a website.

2. In this age of e-commerce, customers expect that the website will have the correct logic working and that the website will stop them from ordering if a product is not available for same day delivery.

3. Customers also expect to be able order whatever they like and also add something extra and customise their hamper as they wish AND have this delivered on the same day.

4. What we have learnt is that our customers and people who find out about Bockers and Pony are hungry for same day delivery, done well, in Sydney.

With a view to being a better business and one that is always customer focussed, we have engaged Trust Pilot to collect customer reviews. The bad reviews and feedback we receive are ALL about not running this ‘same day Sydney service’ properly. Thank-you so much for your feedback if you have been one of those customers.

Yesterday, we had an #enoughisenough moment. This is when we decide that our values should no longer be compromised. We have built this beautiful business, servicing our customers as best we can and we have most certainly let some customers down in this regard. Enough is enough. We have learnt exactly what needs to happen.

We are systematically and frantically working towards setting up our own satellite operation in Sydney. In our own warehouse with our own fabulous people, with our full range of inventory and with our trusted courier partners that we know will deliver our gifts on the same day, as they do here in Melbourne.

This is a decent and memorable lesson in trying something, failing, learning and using your values to assist with your decision making.

Sydney here we come…

(For an updated version of our delivery details, please click here.)

Leonie Henzell
Managing Director
Bockers & Pony

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