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Choosing the right wine glass this Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, I’m sure everyone’s super busy preparing for the chaotic December gift buying rush. The holiday season is all about good food, fine wine and champagne. When it’s the holidays, we think of delicious food + wine pairings and let’s be frank, champagne’s always a necessity. If there weren’t any champagne, what would we toast with on New Years?

Wine and champagne play a big part in our festive celebrations and they make beautiful and thoughtful Christmas gifts; regardless of whether you know the recipient well or not. Beautiful wines should be enjoyed with beautiful tools and the Riedel family makes the most stunning glassware of all. Known for a long history in the crystal business, it was only a few decades ago that they discovered that certain glassware changes the taste of different grape varietals. According to Claus Riedel, the 9th generation of the Riedel family, the shape of the glass can in fact enhance the flavour of the wine. Following this belief, Riedel designed specific glasses for different varietals and also a ‘wine friendly’ range for the more casual wine drinkers.  


Created by the youngest Riedel generation, the O-Riedel Glass Series it’s considered to be the ‘trendiest’ of the Riedel lines and is designed for everyday wine enjoyment. The stem less bowl shaped glass pairs perfectly with Carmenère, Malbec, Petite Sirah, Pinotage, Shiraz New World and Tannat varietals.

Available in:

 - Wine Appreciation

Wine Appreciation $199

Wine Time 

Wine Time $149

Big Red

Big Red $199 


For a more traditional style of wine glass, the Ouverture Series is the perfect entry-level vessel for wine drinkers. In the series there are 4 simple glass varieties – a basic and magnum red wine glass, a basic white wine glass and a champagne glass.

Available in:

- Good Times

Good Times $299

- Cheeseboard Celebration

Cheeseboard Celebration $329


Also in the O-Riedel Series are these beautiful lightweight whiskey glasses. Non-leaded and packaged as a set of 2, they’re great for the on-the-rocks whiskey drinker.

Available in:

- Chivas

Chivas $259

With so many shapes and sizes of Riedel glassware available, we’ve narrowed it down to 4 essential glasses all wine drinkers should own. We’ve also paired them with delicious quality gourmet food products perfect for gift giving this Christmas. Visit us online at www.bockersandpony.com.au and shop our beautiful Christmas gift options for friends, family and work colleagues. Or why not send yourself a little treat?

Happy shopping!