Let’s face it, not everyone gets a full 8 hours of beauty sleep every night. A perfect night’s sleep is such a luxury. This year at Bockers & Pony, we have created a Mother’s Day Hamper that will completely transform your wife or lovely Mum from ‘sleep deprived’ to ‘sleeping beauty’.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase with a silk eye mask is a truly luxurious experience. We have a hamper that could possibly be the best Mother’s Day surprise ever! I am in love with my matching charcoal, 100% mulberry silk pillowcase and eye mask from The Goodnight Company.

I have recently discovered the benefits of silk and now I am hooked. Feeling a little bit like a princess, the pillowcase is so soft and helps to regulate my body temperature to ensure that I wake up feeling fresh. It is actually quite lovely for your hair as well. No more super messy and sweaty bed hair! It’s all about waking up with a soft and tidy hair-do ladies!

The silk eye mask is equally divine! Say good bye to wrinkles as this mask helps to prevent the formation of fine lines around the sensitive eye area. In reality, I should have started using this a few years ago.  It might be too late for me, but this eye mask helps me to get to sleep after a high paced, frantic day. I’m an early riser and this mask helps me get back to sleep in the middle of the night. The way it shuts out distractions when I put it on before bed really helps.

PS. I also can’t wait to take my silk eye mask on a long flight and not have to use the standard issue airline eye mask.

If your wife or Mum has trouble sleeping, send her the perfect Mother’s Day Gift this year. Combined with French champagne, chocolate teddy bears from Kennedy and Wilson, a relaxing blood orange candle and OP Therapy hand cream, the LOVE YOU MUM hamper at $329 will be a very nice surprise.


This year Mother’s Day is Sunday the 8th of May. Bockers & Pony deliver the most luxurious Mother’s Day hampers next business day Australia wide and on the same business day in Melbourne. We are delivering right up until Mother’s Day this year.

To secure a Saturday delivery in Melbourne before Mother’s Day please call our concierge team on 1300 502 340.

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