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Upcycling at Gowrie Victoria

Under the gift-packing desk at Bockers & Pony lives a number of ‘boxes’. Inside these boxes reside hundreds and hundreds of left over ribbon pieces, wrapping paper, cardboard tubing, tape rolls and animal discs. For a very long time these leftover pieces had nowhere to go and were feeling quite lonely. That was until our wonderful Sales Executive Andi hatched a brilliant idea and decided to upcycle them for children’s arts & crafts. 

Andi’s beautiful daughter Sage goes to Gowrie Victoria. Established in 1939, Gowrie Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that champions good early childhood education and care. Their Children’s Programs are located at Carlton, where Sage attends and also at Docklands. All programs are strength/interest based and the children are involved in rich learning experiences. Each room at Gowrie Victoria implements a flexible indoor/outdoor program and a progressive morning and afternoon tea. 

Last week, Andi visited Gowrie with our boxes of crafty goodies and everyone had a fun and creative arts & crafts day! The parents, children and educators all joined in to make art installations for the Gowrie centre. Room 2’s head educator Will came up with a wonderful idea of creating a hanging piece that cascades over the double door opening that leads to the magical outside gardens. The kids had so much fun helping thread the animal discs onto the ribbon and in the end, long flowing ribbon pieces were created, making the main project a huge success. There were big smiles all around!

The children used the upcycled materials in their own unique ways and created decorations for the centre and also special gifts they could take home. Some made gifts for Special Person Day, while some channeled their creativity on A4 paper with ribbons and Bockers & Pony wrapping paper. 

What a wonderful and inspiring day it was!

We would like to thank Gowrie Victoria for the opportunity to be a part of such a warm and embracing community. And a big thanks to Katie for taking the lovely images.

Bockers & Pony x