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Bockers & Pony's Ultimate BBQ companions

Even though its winter, there is no reason to always stay indoors. Take opportunity of the fabulous weather we’ve been having by getting friends and family together and firing up the BBQ. Whether you choose to have a cosy family BBQ at home, or decide to take a more scenic route to a park or the beach, you won’t have to settle for the standard steaks, sausages and salad.

Give your BBQ a gourmet upgrade with our wonderful gourmet gift hampers. By taking the BBQ experience to a whole other level, friends and family can happily nibble on a spectacular array of delectable goodies. Our gourmet hampers contain a savoury smorgasbord of deliciousness such as Simon Johnson’s spicy Wasabi Peanuts, yummy Snack Mix with Asian Herbs, Fine Cheese Company’s Rosemary Biscuits, which are best enjoyed with delicate slices of creamy Camembert cheese (yum!).

Our picks of the ultimate BBQ companions would be our Chit Chat and Banter gift hampers. Combine them with one of our amazing wine or champagne traveller cases and you will have the makings of a fabulous gourmet BBQ!

For all you gourmet hamper needs, call 1300 132 663 and speak to our friendly staff, or visit us at www.bockersandpony.com.au