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Finding the Perfect Christmas Hampers for Staff

A Christmas hamper is a great way to say thank you to your staff for all of their hard work throughout the year. Show your appreciation with a Bockers & Pony Xmas gift hamper. Whether it is something small, or even one of our luxury hampers, it’s great to send a gift to your employees and their families.

We think it is so important to show gratitude to your employees for the hard work they have put in throughout the year. It can be tricky to choose a gift that everyone will love. So you can either send a gift that will suit everyone or take a specialist approach. This involves taking some time to get to know your employee, so you can choose something that is right for them. Gift giving can be rewarding and fun, but if you have any doubts please feel to reach out the team at Bockers & Pony.

This year, we have completely re-imagined our entire Christmas range, with gifts and hampers ranging from $49 to $2,000 and filled with gorgeous sweet treats and stunningly gourmet savoury goodies. There are definitely some themes that work well.

Here are a few of our favourites:

Wine & Champagne Hampers

Our wine & champagne hampers are a great way to thank an employee for all of the long hours and hard work they contributed and range from $49 to $299.

Our signature traveller cases are a great luxurious keepsake gift and include a gorgeous bottle of champagne or wine. This is a great case to use as your BYO wine carrier when you need to take wine to a restaurant. Alternatively we have wine and champagne gifts that are packaged with individually wrapped French salted butter caramels. Browse the range online and you will discover that one of our Champagne and Wine + Caramels gift hamper is a great choice! Pictured below is our gorgeous Veuve Traveller gift!



Gourmet & Chocolate Hampers

If the employee in mind has a family, we suggest one of our Chocolate Hampers, or even our Christmas Hamper 13 (pictured below), filled to the brim with sweet treats great for sharing. We love these Christmas Hampers. We love the stories when our customers tell us that the complete hamper was destroyed and enjoyed in one afternoon. There are so many reasons to try or gift hampers this Christmas!

We also love our Gourmet Twinset Hampers, which include a bottle of red and white wine with some seriously great edible treats! This means that wine can be enjoyed with sweet treats after dinner, or break out the hamper and share with your friends and family on the weekend. 



Hampers to share with big groups

Our hampers are also great to send to an office or team! Designed to share, our Christmas gift boxes are filled with great gourmet goodies. Our Christmas Hamper 9 (pictured below) is packed full of our favourite delicious Christmas treats. We love the combination of mouth-watering sweet biscuits and chocolate with amazing savoury biscuits, nuts and olives. The lucky recipients will either completely devour this gift in a short space of time or have the best treats at 3:30pm for quite some time.