We’ve all heard stories of picnics gone wrong – soggy egg sandwiches, wine that’s been sitting in the sun for too long and being attacked by swarms of flies and mosquitoes…

Even though winter is just around the corner, that doesn’t mean we should be limiting all leisure activities indoors. Given the remarkable (and much welcomed!) sunny Melbourne weather over the weekend, it would have been tempting to break out mum’s family picnic blanket a tad early and gorge on gourmet treats on grassy plains.

Here at Bockers and Pony, we think picnics are a great option to the usual ‘date night’, a catch up with the girls or even family time. We envisage the perfect picnic hamper to comprise of crispy, fragrant rosemary crackers and cocktail cheese roughs full of old cheddar cheese and Romano. Together with delectable herbed-spiced nuts to accompany the award winning Robert Oatley Signature Series, as well as an assortment of sweet treats to finish.

We’re of course talking about our Blues Skies gift (picnic) hamper - a wonderful and gourmet selection to share and enjoy on sunny afternoons with friends and family. Blues Skies comes in a practical Bockers and Pony storage box for easy transportation. All you will need is a thick picnic blanket, a favourite destination and you’re good to go!

Bockers and Pony delivers to Melbourne, Sydney and Australia-wide. We’re famous for hampers! Shop online or give our amazing team a call on 1300 502 340.

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