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In anticipation for the beautiful celebration of those spectacular women in our lives – mums - we, at Bockers & Pony, have decided to ask some of our amazing staff what their favourite gift and hampers are to give you a few ideas as to how to surprise mum for this Mother’s Day.

Leonie - Manhattan

Firstly I have been admiring the fashion illustrations of Megan Hess for quite some time. When I saw the new packaging that Megan designed for Petaluma Croser; I was hooked.  If you are not familiar, Megan Hess is a fashion illustrator working with prestigious fashion designers and luxury brands like Cartier, Chanel, Dior and Tiffany and Co. PS Petaluma have long been one of my favourite wine brands as well.

Then at Christmas time this year, so many of my family and friends were giving and receiving products from the Glasshouse Fragrances range. Nicole Eckles is an inspirational and high achieving entrepreneur.  I love her piece in Jo Burton’s book called Rare Birds, which showcases and shares the stories of Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs. This gift just feels naturally perfect for me at this time. At $149 is represents affordable luxury and since it has joined the stable at Bockers & Pony, it is proving to be very popular.  Manhattan is my favourite hamper at the moment, but I do love them all… in case they are listening.



Jess - Love Me Do

My favourite gift would have to be the Love Me Do, the perfect pamper pack for my grandma.

First, there is the luxurious Papinelle Womens Robe which would be snuggly and warm for the coming cold weather.  She would love the gorgeous Duck Egg Blue colour. 

Next there is the elegant Voluspa Flora di Mare petite beaded candle with its beautiful floral aroma, and the Voluspa Flora di Mare moisturising hand cream, both packaged in boxes featuring specially commissioned floral art. The petite beaded glass is such a beautiful addition to the home even after the candle has all been used. Such a lovely gift heading towards the winter months.

I might have to get two - I can imagine myself in the Papinelle robe curled up in front of the heater.


Georgia - Cheers

My favourite hamper would have to be the Cheers hamper. 

Part of the reason Cheers is my favourite is the history behind Veuve Clicquot.  Did you know that ‘Veuve’ translates to ‘widow’ in French?! Madame Clicquot, a French businesswoman took over her husband’s business after she was widowed at just 27. 

The Cheers hamper pairs yummy, gourmet savoury foods – Mount Zero olives, Fine Cheese Company Crackers and Giuseppe artichoke paste, and sweet treats – French salted butter caramels and Rinaldi nougat, with my all time favourite champagne, Veuve Clicquot. 

If not for the tasty contents of this hamper, my favourite thing about it would have to be the versatility of the occasions it can be gifted for. Whether it is a corporate gift, or a very personal gift such as an anniversary, birthday or congratulations, the Cheers hamper screams sophistication and calls for some Brie or Camembert cheese to go with it! It is the perfect gift to send to an individual – young or old - or even a group of people to share. 

Say Cheers with your mum this Mother’s Day.


Mia - Tea and Treats

You are making me decide on just one gift? That’s not fair! Fine – if I have to pick just one then my most favourite gift is Tea and Treats.

What I love about this gift is that it’s designed to bring people together. Included in the hamper is a gorgeous Chinese Teapot, ready for you to add from your selection of aromatic Chinese tea from Larsen and Thompson for that perfectly brewed, fragrant liquid indulgence; but then add to that a generous selection of our favourite treats such as Organic Time’s delicious Chocolate Coated Macadamia Nuts, or the simply luscious Charlie’s Cookies Raspberry and White Chocolate Mini Melting Moments plus so much more. Everything combined creates the perfect excuse to bring over some friends to enjoy each other’s company over some Tea and Treats.