Did you know that on average, Australians consume about 4.5 kilograms of chocolate a year? Not surprised at all by that figure here at Bockers and Pony, as we’re all self-professed chocoholics!

I mean who doesn’t love chocolate? Whether you favour the more traditional, single flavoured, velvety blocks or the party-in-your-mouth kind, filled with popping candy and goji berries that’s been seen the shelves lately…

At Bockers and Pony, we’ve had the pleasure of working and building great relationships with many wonderful chocolate brands. For us, Michel Cluizel Chocolate has been one of our favourites. The Cluizel family has been in the chocolate business for 60 years, panning over three generations. They have truly become a passionate and innovative family, mastering 3 distinct trades: cocoa bean transformer, confectioner and experienced chocolate maker.

You will only be able to find chocolates from this supreme French chocolate dynasty at limited stores in Australia. But not to worry! We have it online and available for delivery to you anywhere in Australia. The Michel Cluizel Chocolates gift comprises of 28 petite milk and dark chocolate squares from all over the world. All individually wrapped and encased in a lavish box. Look forward to discovering the balanced and complex taste of cocoa beans from the Maralumi plantation on the island of Papua New Guinea, as well as Mokaya from Mexico and many more.

These decadent chocolate squares great when accompanying coffee or on their own as a relaxing afternoon pick me up.

You can find Michel Cluizel Chocolates here and the entire chocolate gift and hamper range here. For any queries, please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 502 340.

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