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Laguiole cheese sets

Well known for it’s vibrant colour, design and French craftsmanship, Jean Dubost’s Laguiole cutlery is in a league of its own. Laguiole, pronounced as Lag-ee-ol, describes a style of traditional French knife and Dubost is one of the largest Laguiole manufacturers in France.

The world-renowned Laguiole cutleries are stocked in departments all over the world including Bloomingdales, John Lewis and Galleries Lafayette. We’ve featured the Laguiole cutlery in our Luxury 2000 gift hamper and also as a stand-alone gift. For customers looking to purchase a wedding, engagement or housewarming gift, we always recommend the Laguiole Cheese Set. In colours of black, cream and multi, the cheese set contains a cheese cleaver (20cm), cheese knife (23cm ) and a 6cm cheese spreader.

Not sure which knife to use for the different cheeses available? The cheese cleaver is perfect for cutting hard and soft cheeses, especially if you’re after quick clean cubes and wedges. The 23cm cheese knife has a forked-tipped spear end; designed specifically for dicing hard cheeses. And to serve, simply use the forked tip. The cheese spreader/Gorgonzola knife is used for (you guessed it) Gorgonzola, Bleu cheese or any other soft cheese variety. Great for easy spreading of cheese on crackers or bread.

Dubost’s Laguiole blades boasts 25 manual production stages, where they’re stamped, ground and polished to perfection. The handles are acrylic, made from ABS plastic and are dishwasher safe. View and shop the beautiful Laguiole cheese set here. For any questions you may have about ordering the perfect gift, give us a call on 1300 132 663. We deliver to Sydney, Melbourne and Australia wide.