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The 20th of March is the day we celebrate the International Day of Happiness.

Gratitude is today\'s theme, where random acts of kindness are the norm, and smiles abounding. International Happiness Day is all about creating positive connections and taking a little time out of your day to think about someone else and make them feel special, which funnily enough, in turn, you are rewarded with that amazing sense of satisfaction, that you were able to bring a little joy to someone. Sharing a gourmet hamper, discussing the Old Times is what today is all about. 

Studies conducted by Harvard Business School and the University of British Columbia, published in the Journal of Happiness Studies in April 2011, suggest that acts of kindness caused you to be happy, and the happier you were, the more likely you were to do another act of kindness, creating a type of “positive feedback loop”.

So why not celebrate International Day of Happiness and start your journey of bliss by sending someone a gorgeous luxury hamper from Bockers & Pony?

We have created perfect combination of sumptuous products, delicately and elegantly packaged designed to thrill any recipient. Include a little note telling them how special they are, which will be included with your gift or hamper.

So, be kind and think about someone else, because on the International Day of Happiness, it is truly better to give than to receive! At Bockers & Pony we are in the business of making people happy. How can you not smile when someone has taken the time to think of you and send you a fabulous luxury hamper from our magnificent range of gifts. Say Cheers with those who make you the happiest today.