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The best part about moving into a new home is being able to throw a housewarming party to show off your new place to family and friends. Although for the guests, what to get as a housewarming gift has always been a big stumbling block. If you have a housewarming to attend to soon, below are some practical gift ideas your host will love!

For an all round practical gift, you can’t go wrong with quality cutlery. When purchasing cutlery, it’s always good to go with the best. And that\'s Laguiole French Cutlery. Laguiole is known for its beautiful craftsmanship and rich history spanning over several centuries. Laguiole adds an air of fanciness to everyday life and I’m sure it’ll be something the giftee will cherish year after year. Shop the Laguiole cutlery set online here and the Laguiole steak knives here. Available it different colours!  

For a wine loving friend who likes to enjoy a glass (or two) every night, Riedel wine glasses will be a perfect housewarming gift. The Riedel O Series Tumbler Shiraz Glass is stemless and especially great for enhancing red wine enjoyment. Best paired with a fine red like the Four In Hand from Barossa Valley.

Want to bring something for the kids? Surprise them with a chocolate gift hamper and they’ll love you for it! Our Choc-o-lot hamper’s jam-packed with a glorious mix of chocolate goodies, great for sharing. From rum balls to delicious fudge, mini melting moments, cookies and also chocolate powder to make thick, rich hot chocolate. When in doubt, gift chocolate. You can never go wrong!

Need more inspiration? Have a look at our New Home category for more housewarming gift ideas. Or give a Bockers & Pony gift expert a call on 1300 132 663.