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We pay very close attention so that your hampers are delivered on time and in good condition. Amongst the hustle and bustle of getting your hampers delivered, we are super focussed on making sure that we provide you with excellent customer service.

Our staff are happy and friendly on the phone. I often overhear them making great suggestions for twin baby hampers, or for hampers going to fussy and tricky relatives eg. the 90 year old granny. I feel very proud when they truly help someone create a hamper  with lovely suggestions to create an award winning experience!

It\'s important to be helpful, polite and efficient when we are taking your telephone order. We also are happy to answer alot of clarifying questions over the phone before you place your order online. It\'s our pleasure.

I honestly believe that we need to do our best work when something goes wrong. I always try and think about how I would like to be treated and generally our customer service stems largely from this.

So, what happens when you are not sure if your hamper has been delivered?

Call us on 1300 132 663 or email [email protected] andpony.com and tell us your order number. We will track and trace your hamper. We can tell you who signed for it and at what time.

What if our courier has left the parcel safely and the person says that the hamper has not been delivered?

Sometimes our courier will leave the parcel safely. This can be a problem if they leave it in a place that is too safe and not that obvious. Sometimes pot plants can provide excellent camouflage. So much so that the recipient can\'t see the box. 

Still can\'t find it?..We will speak to our courier and find out exactly where they left the hamper. We will also speak to the recipient and run through some options of where the gift might be...the back door, around the side of the house....It\'s all part of the service.

Ocassionally someone else in the house accepts the delivery but doesn\'t tell anyone else.. Sound familiar?

Sometimes if you live in an apartment and our courier can\'t access your building, they will take your hamper to Australia Post and leave a calling card for your collection.

Whatever the case, we will help work things out so that your recipient gets their gift.

We believe that we need to be great when taking your order and exceptional when things go wrong.

Dream big, work really hard, stay focussed, laugh alot!

X Leonie Henzell