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Frank Green SmartCups

The robust coffee and café culture is something that’s very unique to Melbourne. The morning coffee run has become a ritual for most Melbournians with many now opting for the more eco friendly and sustainable reusable cups to enjoy their coffee. You may have heard of KeepCup, a popular reusable takeaway cup in the market, now there’s SmartCup by Frank Green, a new and smart cup that lets you pay for your coffee with your cup. No cash necessary. Think about all those times you’ve accidently forgotten your wallet or gotten stuck in a queue behind someone on their morning coffee run for everyone in the office...

So who is this Frank Green? Owner and Founder Ben Young started Frank Green with the mission to change the way people think about reusable products. Wanting to encourage sustainability and still design something that’s stylish, functional and innovative, he created the SmartCup. Designed, engineered and made here in Australia, the Frank Green SmartCup encourages people to ‘drink smarter’. The takeaway eco-friendly cup is made from high quality recyclable materials, making it odour and stain resistant. The double walled thermoplastic cylinder has been quoted to be ‘throw-proof, trip-proof and most importantly crazy-busy-morning-on-the-run-proof’. You’ll be able to enjoy your coffee hotter for longer and the beautiful colour combinations and sleek aesthetic doesn’t hurt either!

Physical features aside, the SmartCup is also super smart. Using NFC (Near Field Technology), the cup connects to CaféPay via a smart chip enclosed in the button in the middle of the lid. CaféPay is an App created by Ben Young that reads your SmartCup or smartphone to take your coffee order. Making transactions cashless and secure. NFC allows you to tap the cup to the reader at participating cafes to pay. The CaféPay app also allows you to search for other users, friend them and send them a free coffee.

We’ve picked our favourite Frank Green SmartCups and they’re now available online for you to purchase this Christmas!




They’re great as an addition to a custom gift hamper and also a beautiful gift on its own for your favourite coffee lover!