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10 years. Wow! It is a long time...Over the years, Bockers and Pony has brought me so much joy and satisfaction. I have been able to watch my business grow. I often describe this business as my third child. The kind of thought, devotion, protection, love and care that a Mother unconditionally gives to a child, is also heaviy bestowed upon this business. This is emotional for me and I have always cared greatly for this business. I am proudly the custodian of this brand. 

I have been responsible for the unwavering positioning of the brand. I have always envisaged Bockers and Pony offering beautiful, delicious, super-high quality products that stand out from our competitors. Something unique and surprising in every gift.  Hampers that are perfectly curated for a particular occasion, theme or popular price point. 

We now move forward into exciting times. We are steadfast in our belief that our range is beautiful, our service is friendly and efficient and our delivery service is extremely reliable. So now, for Bockers and Pony, it is all about being discovered. Sharing our gifts and hampers with a wider audience. Becoming a well known brand and the first choice for people ordering gifts and hampers online. 

We have got some exciting things planned for the year ahead and we can\'t wait to share them with you. See you next week...

Leonie Henzell, Managing Director, Bockers & Pony