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Do you still have your favourite toy – that precious childhood keepsake; a reminder of a time that was filled with games, fun and imagination?

I remember my favourite toy “Fluffy” (I was very creative with the names of my toys). She was, as her name suggests, a fluffy little plush toy dog, which my dad brought home for me after a business trip. I loved this dog. I took her everywhere. She was very special to me.

To this day, I still have her. She’s hiding away in a box, which I sometimes pull out when I’m feeling a little nostalgic. But, what I remember most about Fluffy was that she was my companion. She was my comforter when I was feeling a little down, she was my protector from the menacing shadows of the Boogey Man would appear at night to taunt me, an ever-present companion throughout my childhood.

Every child will have their own versions of ‘Fluffy’, that one favourite toy that takes precedence over all the others. That is what makes Bockers & Pony’s very own range of soft toys so special.

After 11 years of selling soft toys, we have created our very own range of adorable plush toys, our  Baby Boy Bunny & Baby Hamper Toys are designed with knowledge and experience of what we know our customers love, a toy that will be loved for a very long time.

Many of our customers will never have to experience the desperation of losing that significant favourite toy, causing sleepless nights for baby and mum, because we always keep our gorgeous soft toy range in stock. We are happy to deliver emergency replacements, in those moments where that favourite toy has been accidentally been left behind in your travels, got lost when your toddler has thrown it out of the pram, or its just in need of a good wash.

In fact, it is not uncommon for parents to have two or three on hand, rotating them should an ‘unfortunate situation’ arise.

Bockers & Pony’s soft toy range is superior quality, safe and just plain gorgeous, fit to take pride of place in any nursery or pram. Baby Girl Bunny + Bubbles and Baby Boy Bunny + Bubbles are paired with our favourite champagne Charles Heidsieck. The Best Baby Girl Hamper and Best Baby Boy Hamper combine a luxurious, pampering hand cream for mum, with Sophie the Giraffe and the sweetest little leather shoes for bub.

Our soft toys are delivered to Melbourne, Sydney and Australia wide.

Order online at bockersandpony.com.au or call us on 1300 132 663 and place your order today. Bockers & Pony’s soft toys, the perfect gift bound to become a fast favourite.