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Baby Hampers And Baby Showers

There’s nothing more exciting for a family than welcoming a new baby. Baby showers were traditionally held to celebrate the recent or expected birth of a family’s first child by ‘showering’ the mother with gifts at a get-together. Conventionally only women were invited and normally a close friend or family member would host the shower.

Baby shower gifts usually come in the form of bedding, baby blankets, gift certificates, baby clothing, rattles, teethers, bath items, keepsakes and toys. Frequently purchased at the sender’s discretion and presented to the new, or soon-to-be, mum on the day of the shower. Nevertheless, with the ever-changing dynamic of today’s families and work situations, baby shower styles are changing. Baby gift hampers are becoming more and more popular as baby shower gifts. They’re practical, thoughtful and are great for senders who are time poor.

Our customers often face the ‘perfect baby present dilemma’ when they’re invited to surprise baby showers, baby showers they can’t physically attend and the increasingly popular co-ed baby showers.

Baby Shower Hampers

Successful surprise baby showers require a large amount of work. Lessen the stress placed on the host with our You Can’t Smash This gift hamper. The guests will have an incredibly fun time smashing the 1 kg Kennedy & Wilson Milk Chocolate Block with the special chocolate smashing hammer provided. And let’s be honest, chocolate solves everything!

What happens if you can’t attend the baby shower due to certain circumstances or if you’re interstate? No problem! Just jump online, check out with your favourite baby gift hamper, fill in a personal message and we’ll take care of the rest! We ensure your baby gift hamper will be packed with love, wrapped immaculately and delivered promptly.

Baby showers are now converting to baby barbeques with the inclusion of dads, partners and other fellows. The increasingly popular co-ed baby showers calls for more manly menus! Replace fancy sandwiches and cupcakes with our Big Red, Converse and Banter gift hampers. We’re sure everyone will enjoy the wonderful assortments of sweet and savoury goodies and award winning wines.

Baby Sprinkle Hampers

Even though baby showers are held generally for the first child, recently the notion of a baby sprinkle has emerged. A baby sprinkle is a smaller version of a baby shower, held to celebrate the awaiting births of a second, third or fourth child to the family. Our adorable Perfect Princess and Precious Prince baby gift hampers are perfect gift ideas for a baby sprinkle. They include a cuddly soft bunny toy, the famous Sophie the giraffe, adorable little leather Cheeky Little Soles shoes and luscious OP therapy hand cream for mum.

Perfect Princess Hampers

When it comes to babies, every parent will think they have the brightest and the most adorable little human in the world – it’s their prerogative! We harbor the exact same feelings towards all of our beautiful gift hampers and especially our baby gifts. Shop with confidence online with us at bockersandpony.com.au or give our gift experts a call on 1300 132 663. Pop an order through either online or on the phone and we’ll take care of everything else.