Here at Bockers and Pony, we think we’re pretty darn good at sending gifts. As we’ve been in the industry for more than 10 years, we know what works and what doesn’t. Over the years, we have collected a plethora of information that we would love to share with you on a wide range of themes and occasions. And what better way to kick things off than with what we do best – baby gifts!

Baby gift registries are becoming more and more popular in Australia these days, and with a wealth of information available online, how do you cut through the clutter and find the perfect baby gift? We’ve condensed it all and came up with 5 essential tips on finding the perfect present for a newborn baby (and mum!)

- Practical, long-term or sentimental?

The central question to ask if whether you would like to buy a gift that is practical, one that can be used for a long time or something more sentimental/ornamental. Practical gifts may include baby blankets, wipes, nappies, bottles, onesies, muslin wraps and baby baskets – all useful from day one and help lessen the stress on parents.

Long-term gifts incorporate practicality and are great investments. Gift ideas include classic baby books and photo albums, baby monitors, nappy bags and bins and toys. If you’re looking for something sentimental, rattles, engraved items, things for the nursery and keepsakes make great presents too.

- Clothing size and suitability

The best bet for when you want to gift baby clothes would be to go for size 000 or 0-3 month clothing and up. Newly born babies (less than a month old) will be growing rapidly and newborn sizes won’t fit for long and therefore won’t be too smart of an idea as presents. We suggest Organic Cotton and Merino Wool as best materials for baby clothing. 

- Treats for mum

Being a mum is a gift in itself. Great present ideas may include pampering postnatal massage sessions, getaway vouchers, aromatic candles or one of our big hampers filled with everything a new mum and bub will need.

- Pitching in

New parents would normally have already purchased the bigger and more expensive items such as car seats, prams and cots. Though, it would be suitable in some cases for money to be pooled together and purchases made on their behalf.

- Colours

Do you know the gender of the newborn baby? If the sex is unknown or has been kept a secret, choose white, green and yellow colour schemes, as they are more gender-neutral. Otherwise, blues are catered more towards boys and pinks for girls.

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