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Weiss Ebene Noir- Dark Chocolate 72% 100g
Weiss Acarigua- Dark Chocolate & Crunchy Cocoa Bean Chips 100g
Weiss Rouge Baiser- White Chocolate & Crisp Red Fruits 100g
Weiss Lait Entier- Milk Chocolate 100g
Weiss Lait Entier Noisettes- Milk Chocolate & Hazelnuts 100g
Gift wrapped in black foil paper and tied with matching ribbon. Your personalised gift message will be printed on a Bockers & Pony gift card and included with your gift.

Each gift is presented with Chocolate Tasting notes to describe the chocolate tasting experience on your journey through the Weiss Chocolate range.

Founded in Saint-Etienne, France, by Alsatian chocolatier Eug?ne Weiss in 1882, Weiss today is one of only a handful of French chocolatiers to make their own chocolate from scratch starting with raw cacao beans.

Eug?ne Weiss is credited with inventing ?haut chocolat,? the art of combining cacao beans of different origins to create chocolate with unique flavours and aromas.

?Like love, chocolate is an eternal source of inspiration, rich with the noblest of emotions.? ? Eug?ne Weiss

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